MyStuff Keys program

This page is the home for a small simple program called MyKeys (formerly known as MSkeys), which will only be of interest if you have a Topfield PVR running the MyStuff TAP, and a Windows PC or emulator.

MyKeys enables you to generate a printable summary of the MyStuff keys actually available to you, with icons where appropriate, taking into account the many MyStuff options that make it so flexible, and the Remote being used.

You can see a Compact format sample summary page from v1.21, or a new Large format one, generated from MyStuff v6.4.

Please click on the latest version number below to start the download.
There is a MyKeys Help file, which can be displayed after installation.

Version Date Comments
1.23 11/04/2013 Changes to cater for MyStuff v6.5, recommended for all MS v6 users.
1.21 03/03/2010 Minor change to cater for MyStuff v6.4, recommended for all MS v6 users.
Note this was rebuilt on 7/8/2012 to ensure that some missing Registry entries were included. This only affected some TopManager users. There were no program changes.
1.20a 15/12/2010 Minor change to cater for MyStuff v6.3, recommended for all MS v6.3 users.
1.20 14/04/2010 Should now work on Vista and Windows 7. Latest program and text fixes.
1.11 22/01/2010 Bugfix: correct missing icons
1.10 20/01/2010 Now can output a Large format as well as Compact, and many textual clarifications and format improvements. The program also now operates with a proper dialog box, with an entry on the TaskBar.
1.04 03/01/2010 Now includes small icons, caters for different remotes, and several textual clarifications.
1.00 12/11/2009 First public version!
0.20 05/11/2009 Initial version to MS team for comments.

If you have any problems with MyKeys, or have any comments or suggestions, please post on the MyKeys thread in the MyStuff topic on Note that if there are no comments, there is unlikely to be any further development!

Page last updated: Thu 11th April 2013