Pluto is an email and news reader that runs on the RISC OS operating system, written by Jonathan Duddington in 1997 as a commercial product.

Jonathan stopped developing Pluto in about 2005, but in April 2013 Jonathan announced Pluto v3.06 (09 Apr 2013), which was released with a GPLv3 licence, and freely available to download from SourceForge, including the source.

Since then Robert Sprowson and myself (Martin Avison) have made some amendments, and in August 2013 this page was created, to contain all current Pluto information in one place.

The sources to Pluto, including changes since v3.06, are available from SourceForge. If anyone wants to contribute a change, please contact Robert or myself.

eSpeak was included within !Pluto up to v3.15, but because of new hardware and software a new RISC OS version has now been re-compiled with some minor changes. This has been built from a copy of the SourceForge espeak files (as we have been unable to contact Jonathan), and updated for RISC OS. It has also been moved out of !Pluto back into !eSpeak, as a separate download, which will make using it in other applications easier.

Versions Available

Please click on any of the versions listed on the left (newest ones first) for information about the changes and downloads for that version. Note that :

Future Changes

It is hoped that further changes will be made to Pluto. Any changes will be announced on the Pluto mailing list, and on the comp.sys.acorn.announce newsgroup. Any offers of help always welcome!

The PlutoUsers mailing list on YahooGroups should be used for any suggestions for changes to Pluto and the documentation, or offers of help! Note there is no guarantee that any suggestions will be acted on!

The mailing list (which is low message volume) can be joined by sending an email to PlutoUsers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com with a subject of Subscribe, or visiting YahooGroups (Yahoo! ID required). Note that there was another pluto-users group, which seems dormant.

Downloads of other associated applications

Note that for full use of Pluto some other applications are also required to be installed:

Zip file Version Date Size Comments
strhlp/zip v2.8703/09/2012 112 KB Latest StrongHelp download from Fred Graute's StrongEd website.