Pluto v3.14 (15 Dec 2014)

This is a new release by Robert Sprowson and Martin Avison, and is the first version since v3.06 to be complete (all intermediate updates required v3.06b to be installed first), and built from the source files held on SourceForge. This makes it a significant release, even though there are few obvious visible changes. Thanks should go to Jonathan Duddington for allowing us access to SourceForge - it has made changes much more controllable.

This release has no significant user changes, but some fixes and small changes are included.
Note that it is intended that from now on even-numbered versions will be 'release' versions, and odd-numbered ones will be 'development' versions.

The list of changes since v3.11a includes:

File Downloads

This version is available from the SourceForge link below, or by using the !Store application.

Zip file Size Comments
pluto314/zip 1.3 MB Full version of !Pluto for new and existing users.