Pluto v3.16 (20 Mar 2016)

The major changes in this Pluto release are to enable Pluto to handle larger articles without problems, and to split the eSpeak files back into a separate application.

There are also a number of minor changes and improvements, and many fixes (including ones for ZeroPain problems).

This Pluto release is by Robert Sprowson and Martin Avison, built from the source files held on SourceForge. Thanks should go to Jonathan Duddington for allowing us access to SourceForge for Pluto - it has made changes much more controllable.

Please click here for details of eSpeak changes and a download link.

The list of Pluto changes since v3.14 includes:

File Downloads

This version is available from the SourceForge link below, or by using the !Store application. For downloads from SourceForge, please note:

Zip file Size Comments
pluto316/zip 720 KB Full version of !Pluto for new and existing users.